CEO’s Message


When we started this business in 2009, the first thing which we had considered was, how can we make a difference in foodservice industry, and how can we differentiate our company from the rest of the players in the market? ...Thinking outside the box was not easy, but since we have more than a decade of experience in this field, we have seen its ups and downs, opportunities and even threats. We learned that to earn trust in business, you have to add value to the business by adding values to what you are doing. This is our business motto.

Diversified. Multi-cultured. Dynamic

Our company constitutes open-minded strategic partners located worldwide with combined experience of more than a century. The Almayar Group, in sustenance with its three diversified entities, Pilsa, AMTC and Steelux, proudly offers the market with superb quality turnkey solutions and professional equipment facilities covering all segments in hospitality industry. We have completed numerous remarkable projects within UAE as well as across the region and have envisioned extension of our service to the other continents as well.

We are very fortunate to have a multi-cultured working environment with some of the best industry professionals in their field. The company is able to provide service to customers on a global basis where a new and innovative approach of our business strategy is attained effectively. With our leadership style and management concept, we are one whom people will want to work for. If you are going to ask us what is our secret in accomplishing all of projects in a very efficient and effective manner, it’s our people. Personally, we believe that our people are our main product and thus, we value them. They represent us in every angle and in a single way.

The Almayar Group upholds dynamism in a positive way. We constantly take necessary steps in developing our strategies, systems, and services by generating new ideas and making the most of our existing resources to complement the demands of our clients in the market.

The foodservice industry is ever growing and will continue to do so. We will constantly strengthen our role as a well-established specialist of foodservice solutions in GCC by firmly carrying on our commitment to the industry and progressive success.