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How to clean your commercial kitchen equipment?


In the restaurant business – hygiene is key to everything, right? Considering your restaurant is judged basis the quality of the food, the service extended, and the cleanliness levels maintained in your kitchen – the answer is YES! To ensure success and plethora of happy customers – here are a few ways in which you can maintain your commercial kitchen equipment:

  • First things first, keep your utensils and surfaces clean. Wipe the table off immediately after you’re done using it, as this will help you get rid of all contaminants.
  • When it comes to stainless steel equipment, clean with a wet cloth and mild detergent. This will ensure the bacteria don’t enter the food preparation, and also keep the equipment neat.
  • Where heavy equipment is considered, they also have a special cleaning process. While some equipment may require water and soap, others might require specific detergents. Also, there is some equipment which comes along with a self-cleaning detergent – so this is one area where you’ve got to be super careful. If there is anything that you aren’t sure of, you must check with an experienced kitchen contractor!
  • Maintain a schedule for your kitchen cleaning by signing up for service and maintenance contracts!

Once you have taken care of this and more in your kitchen – you can ensure a clean kitchen – and witness healthy and happy customers! As for us, we undertake free consultation services for your kitchen to help you with a better value on your capital investment as well as a long life for your kitchen equipment. We have a 24/7 service centre – reach out to us on