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Kitchen Equipment Maintenance – Annual Maintenance Contracts or On-Call basis?


Almost everyone has faced this very real dilemma when it comes to their kitchen equipment, right? Well, Annual Maintenance Contracts are great because they help you save extra bucks, but the most important thing is to have a maintenance plan in place, whether you’d prefer an AMC or an on-call plan, is a personal/business choice.

What makes it so important though?

  • You’ve accounted for maintenance, which means you’ve already budgeted the cost – Great, you’ve just spared yourself any unwanted surprises.
  • Maintenance plans help you in identifying problems at the nascent stage itself, and doesn’t wait for your equipment to spring up last minute, costly repairs. At AMTC, we immediately get in touch with you as soon as receive an inquiry.
  • Maintenance teams help you determine any safety and operational issues as well. Our technical consultant inspects and resolves all equipment issues and then issues an authorized service report.

So, have you signed up for a maintenance plan yet?

If not, we can help you with one! We understand that all kitchens and their requirements are different, and hence we can work out a customized maintenance plan for you! And on a quarterly basis – we also conduct a thorough audit on the energy consumption and equipment condition, giving you an idea on the potential expenses related to your equipment.