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Open-kitchen concept – yay or nay?


Open-Kitchen concept seems to be in rage these days, but first let’s discuss the concept! Open Kitchens are defined as the elimination of barriers like walls and doors, that traditionally separated distinct functional areas. Instead, open kitchens lend a complete view to your diners about what’s going around in the kitchen! Let’s discuss the various pros and cons now!

  • 1. It ensures the guests are entertained, as they get to first-hand witness the madness that goes behind the walls!
  • 2. It’s a great opportunity to maximize on space, especially if you have a small area.
  • 3. When diners get to watch the chefs in action, the cooking part also becomes an integral part of their dining experience, building confidence as well.

As stated by Christian Wadsack, Dipl.-Ing. interior designer BDIA, “For many people, cooking is a passion that they would love to share with others. So this offers a solution whereby the kitchen’s working area is merged with hospitality and living areas.”

Here are a few cons:

  • 1. It’s slightly hard if you want to get a little private time away. Every move will be under scrutiny – so it’s best to discuss all options!
  • 2. While it’s wonderful to showcase your pretty equipment, cooking also includes a mess – do you want your guests to see that?
  • 3. Without walls, noise and smell will travel faster and sharper – so the next time the mixer goes off or food is burnt, is it going to be a pretty sight?

What’s your take on this? Open kitchens or is it better to have the walls up?