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Technology can turn your restaurant business around!


Right from taking orders on the iPad to cashless transactions – technology has paved its way into the sector. So yes, technology can surely make your restaurant efficient as well as profitable. Here are a few ways in which this is possible.

  • Indulge in a great POS system for your restaurant, not only do they accept payments, but they also help track inventory, analyze customer and sales data, help manage employees and much more. This helps you save a ton of time in just simple coordination.
    • Cloudmesoft is another POS software in the UAE which helps you track all the invoicing, inventory, orders, table management and more.
  • Use technology to gather as much data as possible – the items doing well on the menu, the servers raking in positive points, the timings when the restaurant is most active – this will help you prepare and take charge of your restaurant.
    • Check out the Square POS system, it’s a system which generates better reports, tracks sales accurately, and analyses your customers perfectly.
  • Sign up your staff for online training sessions, this will eliminate your on-site risk, and save you the trouble of training them on the job. Instead of creating a training plan from scratch, you can utilize these online training sessions, and focus on other important tasks for the restaurant.
  • Last but not the least, implement an inventory management system – this will help you track all supplies, reduce wastage and cut food costs.
    • Orderly is an Inventory Management System, an app that can ease your operational pain.

The core of any restaurant is FOOD, and technology won’t come in the way of that. However, technology when interspersed with great food, is just a perfect combination for any restaurant’s success.