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Tips to reduce food wastage


Do you know how much money you throw away in the trash daily? Well, no one ever said that running a restaurant comes easy. If your restaurant can learn to reduce food wastage, you’ll successfully help the environment along with saving your business money in the long run. Here are a few tips to help you reduce your wastage:

  • Evaluate Inventory and don’t bulk-order: Before placing any order, it’s of utmost importance to evaluate your inventory. If you find certain stuff staying long in just storage – means you do not need that stuff. Once you’re done and have a list of things you need – check with your supplier. However, if your supplier gives you a better bulk deal – don’t just go for it blindly. Be smart when placing an order.
    • While you’re at it, check out BlueCart: it’s a web and mobile platform that allows you to order all of your inventory from all your suppliers with a click of a button. This app is said to reduce food waste by 50 percent.
  • Store food properly: Are your freezers and storage shelves running at the right temperature? Storing food correctly is important for preserving their quality and preventing bacterial growth. So ensure your equipment is right as per the food article.
  • Stock Rotation: Here is where it is crucial to implement the FIFO rule – First In, First Out! All stock that has come in first, needs to be utilized first. Segregate and label ingredients correctly, so as to ensure minimal to no wastage.
  • Predict demand with care: Yes, it’s a popular dish, yes, you need to have a backup plan – but you need to monitor restaurant trends closely, and be able to predict your requirement carefully – this will assist you in saving a ton of money.

These are a few ways in which you can reduce food waste, and improve food service practice, ensure long-life of your equipment, additionally your restaurant will be responsible for a positive impact on the environment.