Social Responsibilities

Social responsibility is a key factor of the company’s values of excellence, integrity, innovation, creativity and diversity.

AMTC doesn’t just create magnificent kitchen designs but we also make sure that we have instilled hygienic functional kitchen layout concepts to improve workflow efficiencies among the chefs and kitchen staff.

It has always been our assurance to provide our clients with the right equipment and cutting edge technologies and reshape operating designs that will simplify the functional requirements and facilitate the delivery of customer service hospitality.

Our goal in light to corporate social responsibility is to build a better foodservice turnkey solutions and kitchen equipment amenities through sustainable and responsible business practices. We support fair trade practices manifested in vendor partnership promoting fair trade principles. Moreover, we advocate multiculturalism by giving equal employment opportunities and non-discriminatory treatments and policies to assure our workforce reflects the diversity of the communities we serve. This demonstrates our obligation in social responsibility on a regular basis.

Being a responsible steward to this field, we commit to improvement and responsible growth by evaluating our decisions relating to people, society, and product when taking action to fulfilling them.