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Used Equipment in your newly opened restaurant – a saver or waster?


Well, if it’s a newly opened restaurant, used equipment could actually work against you. We understand that owning a restaurant already comes with high investments and in that situation, it’s quite tempting to go for used equipment to reduce costs. But it’s not a good idea, here’s why!

  • Used equipment come with a lot of wear and tear which could lead to poor performance and unexpected maintenance issues. This can be a headache, moving your focus away from your main goal of satisfying your customers with a good experience.
  • Used Equipment does not bring along warranties, therefore you could end up spending a lot more money on genuine spares, loss of time, and it could take you to the extent where you might not be able to serve your customer their favourite dish.
  • With new equipment, comes along a warranty, a service guarantee and a complete sales support team justifying your investment and returns. Whereas with an old equipment, you’ll be taking a chance and stumbling with your growth and progress.

Ultimately, it’s your investment, restaurant and reputation at stake, so it’s best to quickly determine your needs, and opt for equipment that can serve you better, and in turn help you serve your customers better!