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Ways to Improve your guest experience, and why is it important


Millennials have a reputation for being hard to please, but this age-range is essential for your restaurant business to grow, considering their spending habits. Defined as born between 1980 and the mid-1990s, they are convenience lovers who seek out affordability and sustainability! They don’t just want to eat out, but they want the complete experience. So, how do you improve this experience? Read on!

  • Convenience and Speed: Convenience not just in terms of quick food, but the ease you can create around the dining experience. Create the best operational flow for your business – and your customers will love it when the service is smooth and waiting time is reduced!

55% of millennials say convenience is a top driver when buying food, while baby boomers say taste matters more.

  • Newness and Uniqueness: Use your interiors to bring out the freshness in your restaurant, use flexible layout systems, which allow you to create a different atmosphere for outdoor dining in the winters, and a casual feel for lunchtime diners!

53% of millennials rated a new experience an important feature when choosing a place to eat.

  • Customizing the meals: They love to create their own meals, right from choosing ingredients for a salad or building their burrito bowl – customization is key these days! This also ensures they can make their meal differently with every visit!

46% of millennials say their favorite quick-serve restaurants gave them the option to customize their meals from start to finish.

  • It’s all about loving technology: Up your tech game, and you will notice the experience getting better! They love that they can book a table online, can place an order seamlessly, and can make quick payments once done. Get techy, and you’re sure to witness a surge in your dining experience reviews!

77% of millennials say restaurant technology improves their dining experience.

So, from introducing different and subtle lighting to improving your operational flow – these are a few changes which will really enhance your guest experience! And these folks are sure to be talking about you for a long time!