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What should you ask your kitchen contractor before signing on the dotted line?


Are you wanting to re-do your kitchen? Are you looking at hiring a kitchen contractor? Have you checked out your options and vetted them? Well, we won’t be surprised if you have a thousand questions! Choosing the right kitchen contractor can be quite challenging and exhausting – however, there are a few things you must ask before you sign on the dotted line.

  • 1. What’s the kind of contract they use? Fixed or cost plus?
    • A question that’s super important, since cost overruns, rushed work, poor communication and workers failing to show up is quite a common phenomenon!
  • 2. How long will the entire project take?
    • It’s best to mark out milestones and timelines, so everyone is on the same page.
  • 3. Are you insured?
    • Given the nature of this job, it’s not wise to hire contractors that aren’t licensed, bonded or insured. You should have the assurance that if the contractors fail to do their job – you’ll be able to recoup costs associated with the work done!
  • 4. Do you have any references?
    • Always ask for references – get in touch with them – enquire and be certain before you sign up for the contract.

At AMTC, we bring to the table professional expertise, quality tools and materials, project safety and a great project management team who will be around to cater to your requirements! We ensure a great experience to all our clients, and don’t shy away from sharing references!